Miteri Gaun - all lives are precious

Mission:  All people are special, regardless of caste, class, or gender.  Discrimination against anyone, is discrimination against everyone.

Goals: The RP Foundation seeks to end discrimination and disparity between people, especially those in remote and rural areas who stick to outdated and unfair cultural practices.  Violence against women, restricting women to cowsheds during menstruation and childbirth, and barring children from education are not the Nepali way. 

I dedicate my life to those who suffer under such restrictions.  Please join me in my quest to bring Nepal into a modern, healthy, and progressive philosophy.

Here is a short video on our work:

Here is a video on a speech to Santa Fe College that details our work in the humanitarian and human rights sectors:

My book is Khalangama Hamala ISBN No : 9-789937-874007, ISBN-10: 9937892414,  ISBN-13: 978-9937892414 and can be ordered through or An English version is now available and the money from royalties and awards will be dedicated to the Peace and Learning Center ( and education for children in rural Nepal.                                                                                        

the Radha Paudel Foundation